09 August 2010

will the bells ring at 4am? update

The Ground Zero Mosque.  In the News.  Hearing an add by NY State Governor wannabee Carl Paladino on the radio really pissed me off.  [btw, doesn't he look just like Alan Alda?]
I'll use the power of eminent domain and seize the site, turn it into a farm where we can grow magic beans and raise unicorns.
I'm paraphrasing.  Barely.  He doesn't get it.  The power of eminent domain isn't his to use as a battering ram against unfavored groups.  Oppose the mosque if you like.  Rail against it.  Picket it.  Make it very uncomfortable (without doing anything illegal) for people to go there.  But it's not the place of the state to pick and choose who does what.

No better than NY State grabbing bits of Brooklyn to hand to Ratner or the Columbia land grab a few blocks north of me.

Carl, you've lost my vote. [not that you had a chance to win anyway ... but as one of 7 registered republicans on the UWS, you could have had something].  Can't vote for Cuomo.  And Lazio is a putz as well [I still remember him invading Hilary's space at that debate so many moons ago].  At least Patterson vetoed that 12 foot high stack of bills ... which reminds me, gotta buy some clothes before the permanently repealed sales tax gets reinstated in October ... or maybe just go to NJ ... they never get it.  Pineapples.


this is more like it

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