13 August 2010


Hi Jonathan,

There was a long time ago (2002) when we were sailing on the LNG Gemini. I was 3rd Eng, one of the most ambitious engineers (you said that). I become a Chief Engineer three years ago, one of the best, in one way owing to you Jonathan. The LNG Gemini is
still nice ship.

You were the person who recognized my ability and some kind of turning point in my life.

This is my last contract with Pronav. All ships will not be employed after New Year, as their efficiency is not good enough comparing them with new buildings. The owner is not able to find cargo for them, at all.

Hope that you are OK? Did you marry your schoolteacher? Have you got kids? What are you doing, still sailing.

Thanks for something what can not be easily described using a keyboard.


Pero Radibratovic

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