05 August 2010

marinara sauce

I made a pot of marinara sauce that I think is maybe my finest ever:

3 cans of Cento Crushed Tomatoes (didn't feel like dealing with the blender)
2 Beef short ribs
$0.25 worth of basil, parsley, and oregano
a healthy splash of molasses
about 2 glasses of wine, today was Tall Poppy Merlot
a cup of turkey stock that I needed to use
2 medium onions
one grated carrot
3 healthy cloves of garlic
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper
olive oil

in some extra virgin olive oil on medium high heat, I browned the short ribs extensively, almost to the point where they looked nearly burnt.  Removed the beef and tossed in the onions and sauteed until caramelized then added the garlic for about a minute.

In with the tomatoes, the wine, the molasses, the carrot, herbs, salt/pepper, everything else, returned the beef, then simmered for a couple of hours, stirring every ten minutes.



  1. Think i might just have to try this one! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    my latest cooking thrill is making gnocchi from scratch for the first time. want my recipe? it;s goooooooooooood!!

  2. I've been making gnocchi for almost a year now, it's easy and delish. What's your recipe? Some day we'll have a gnocchi cookoff ... my new yocchi vs. Aussiegnocchi.