18 November 2008

preliminary cooking

made some cranberry sauce today, already safely in Ellie fridge, chilling and gelling. Reduced some red wine (an Argentinian Malbec) then simmered some cider, dropped dried cherries in to soak, then dumped the motherlode of cranberries in to boil and burst, with a bit of freshly ground cloves and a touch of sugar. I put a lot less sugar in than the recipe, as I like my cranberries a bit tart.

Now I've got some pumpkin soup simmering. I wanted a fresh sugar pumpkin, so I took the train to Borough Hall in Brooklyn, where they have a Tuesday farmers market, and bought one. Saute carrots, onions and celery in some butter, add the diced pumpkin and chicken broth, salt and pepper, and some whole cloves. Simmer till the pumpkin is soft, pull the cloves, blend the soup to a smooth puree, then return to the pot, add some honey and cream, and a touch of cayenne, just enough to give it the tinest bite and have people say, wow, what is that??? That's delicious.

Tomorrow I pick up the bird, then return home to prep the stuffing. Then to Ellies to cook. Roast the bird, make a stock from the organs, make some gravy and bake the stuffing. Meanwhile others are busy in their kitchens making yummy things, practicing songs, and getting ready to eat.

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