18 November 2008


FT.com / World - Pirates seize another ship in Gulf of Aden

I get asked a lot about pirates, whether I am fearful of them, etc.

The ship that I sail on is a LNG carrier, which is a very specialized type of cargo. We have a high freeboard, and our cargo is so specialized that is cannot be "stolen" very easily. But held for ransom, yes. For sure. But with a high freeboard, and being able to travel at a speed of about 19 knots, it's kinda hard for pirates to take us.

On the other hand, we have very little to use in defense except for bright lights and firehoses. The bad guys have guns, but we don't because we're not allowed.

It's a possibility that we might get hijacked, but at least on the ships on which I sail, it is unlikely.

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  1. avast! ahoy! ourhouse is full of pirates! arrrrrrrr!!!!

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