18 November 2008

the car

been doing a lot of renovations out on Long Island, and a friend has been letting me borrow his vehicle for the past couple weeks. He doesn't use it during the week, and he's working on an apartment a few blocks from my building, so Monday morning he swings by and drops the car off to me, and Friday afternoon I give it back.

But yesterday was my last day for renovating before I ship out, and I told him that I would be coming back Monday evening at some point. Did he want me to park in my neighborhood? in his neighborhood? My neighborhood, and get the keys to him Tuesday morning. "And don't park on Riverside ..." were his last words to me as I drove off yesterday morning.

Got back around 7pm last night, found a spot on 69th that was good until 8am today. 0750 I'm walking up and down the block, but the car is not there. That gnawing pit in your stomach, like when you see the girl you're in love with walking arm and arm with another guy ... that gnawing pit was there. Was it towed? Stolen? It was a legal parking spot. I locked the doors.

So I called my buddy, and got voicemail. "Please call me." Phone rings a few minutes later. "Sit tight ... I'll make some calls." He didn't seem that upset. Maybe he just has superior control of his emotions. But then I was reminded of this.

Worst case scenario ... car is stolen. How do we make this right???

Best case scenario ... car was towed, not due to anything that I did.

and I now find that I am in the clear.

So I can continue preparations for AVMTG with a clear conscience.

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