19 September 2008

Is there anything better than a 5 cheese flight selected by the house fromager?

Venue: Casellula Wine and Cheese Bar

After the brilliant Ward 9 musical (at which my boxes held together admirably) we dined at Casellula, and it was absolutely perfect.

A bottle of Australian Tempranillo, with a full body, spicy peppery tones, and an earthy feel on the tounge, started the meal. We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table, but the sommelier came out, consulted on the wine, and got us going.

Next was a ricotta crostini, with blueberry honey and toasted (wal ... hazel ... something) nuts. The ricotta was light and whipped, delicate, delicious.

A five cheese flight ... can't remember them all, but one was served with peanut butter brittle, another with pesto, yet another with chocolate ... I am a fromagaphile, and this was like cheese heroin.

Then came the Pig's Ass sandwich, a pork pannini, with a spicy mustard.

Finally we closed with peaches poached in white wine, with creme fraiche and crumbled graham.

How glad am I that I'm no longer at sea, home in time to see Matt's premiere, and fortunate enough to see it with the lovely Alyssa? Very glad.

Now I'm off to Union Square and a day of selling pork for Flying Pigs. The good things keep on coming.


  1. From the fromager: Glad you enjoyed your flight of cheese!See you at the GreenmarketTia, Fromager, Casellula Cheese and Wine Cafe

  2. A very lovely photo of you and Alyssa Jonathan! Welcome home, welcome home!

    You're back just in time to vote for Obama/Biden!

    Lots of love,


  3. Who is the lovely Alyssa? What did I miss? Nice picture.
    How did the pig's ass sandwich get in such a high end meal and description? You are shocking but I know you do that on purpose. WTF?