22 September 2008

a soon to be former PC user

It's time to upgrade my computer. Last spring, I had ordered a Dell XPS M2010 laptop. I tracked it being built, was waiting eagerly for it to arrive, when the order was abruptly canceled. WTF? It seems that Paypal would not send Dell the money. Anyhow, time was too short before I shipped out to order it again, so I waited. Dell doesn't offer that model anymore.

I went around to various stores to check out what is available these days, and decided that my best bet was an iMac. Yes, I'm leaving the PC family. I like the PC, but don't like Vista. The programs that I primarily use are Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice.org, and Winamp. The first three have Mac builds, and I'm sure I'll find a suitable media program as well (iTunes?).

So my iMac is to arrive today. If Fed Ex ever gets it here. Supposed to be delivered by 3 pm. But I'm getting restless. Anyhow, this'll probably be my last post from my home PC.

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  1. We love ours-still figuring out some stuff but Dave being the brilliant man that he is, is getting it. We have friends with Macs also, so will ask them. Have fun! NTM