18 September 2008

Ward 9

Going to the premiere tonight. Ward 9, a dance play written and choreographed by my buddy Matt Williams. Glad that I'm back from sea in time to go, as I play a small role in the dance. Dancing?? Negative. I built some of the props. Here's Matt in my garage out on LI last May, the day we banged out 7 of these boxes.

So I'm on the ship, and it seems that I will be relieved in time to go to the show. Emailed Jen, Matt's dear sweet wife, for the details, which she sent to me. I in turn emailed the lovely Alyssa and asked her to be my guest, and, ohh, by the way, can you buy the tickets! (no internet at sea is a real bummer). My colleagues said, "You loser. You ask a girl to a play then ask her to buy the tickets?"

But then I got an email back, where she said, "Happy to go, and here's the email receipt for the tickets!" And my colleagues said, "Wow! Awesome girl. But you're still a loser."

Oh well, I'm at peace with my lososity.

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