25 March 2007

try it again

OK, can't edit the blog from afar, so I'll make another post. The correct email
address is:

A5 DOT Matterhorn AT ships DOT teekay DOT com

or something like that. Another day or so and we will be in Primorsk, which is
apparently warming up a bit, and the ice restrictions will be lifted as of
30MAR2007, which means that any ship, not just an ice class vessel like mine,
can call on this port.

Last year, I'm told, the ship left the cold and traded in the Med for the
summer, so we will see what is in my future. Meanwhile, I continue to immerse
myself in the tech books and drawings, and walking around the plant, trying to
put the systems in my mind. Things are going well so far.

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  1. Glad to hear it sounds like things are going well for you. Buenos aires!