24 March 2007

sailing to Primorsk

We're full away and on our way to Primorsk, Russia, which will lift its ice
restrictions as of 30 March 2007, which is some good news. The Matterhorn
Spirit is an ice class vessel, and they've been going to Primorsk all winter,
where it's cold cold cold.

But now things are warming up, and any vessel will be able to call on this port,
so we expect to be sent elsewhere. Last summer, the ship traded in the Med.
Time will tell as to where we will go.

I'm aboard a week now, and slowly things are coming together, as I learn the
plant, the procedures and the paperwork. My colleagues are all good guys, and
everyone seems to get along, and carry their own weight. For many, if not most,
of them, this is the first time they have sailed with an American.

We advance clocks tonight, so I'm shortly off to bed. I'll post more soon about
how things are aboard. In the meantime, to reach me, use A5.Matterhorn AT
teekay DOT com and I should find it.

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