05 April 2007

It's still winter here

Just arrived in Primorsk, after two days at anchor waiting for our cargo to be
ready. And it's colder this time than the last. We load today, for
Wilhemshaven, Germany, and after that ... who knows.

Received word that we are to bunker in Wilhelmshaven, half regular fuel, half
low sulfer fuel, which is what we need to operate in the North sea/ Baltic sea
area. Which means about another month putting around up here, and then we'll go
somewhere else, most likely. We sit around and speculate and complain, like
good seafarers are apt to do, each night at supper.

Interesting turns of phrase from those for whom English is a second language.
"You bring remembring to my mind of ...." and I think "plenty" is a favorite
word. "Plenty times this happen" ... "I eat plenty fish at home" ...

C/M pontificating on world events "The government in Iraq, American government,
puppets to their American and British masters. They destroy one country to save
another, like they did to my country. Polish, Latvians, they are plenty free
now, but Yugoslavia is destroyed. 50 years back we are set."

C/E on Curry: "This cook, he knows only how to make one curry. Fish, meat,
vegetables ... they require different curries. I've given him recipes, but he
doesn't bother. He goes home soon. Maybe the next cook will make proper

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  1. Jonathon, thanks for more great writing. Always interesting to check in - see what you're up to - what you're observing - listening to.