02 March 2007

seems I'm back in the game

I just got a call from Scotland, saying that they have agreed to my proposal, and will accommodate me in getting my orientation a week and a half late.

I will be assigned to the Matterhorn Spirit, if all unfolds as now planned. This is the ship.

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  1. congrats on landing the job!

    the ship looks kewl. god I miss sailing.

  2. Matterhorn Spirit is a brank freaking new ship, isn't it? Nice.

  3. brand new, commissioned in OCT'05. MAN B&W slow speed diesel. Should be good.

    And then sometime in the fall I should get moved onto one of their LNG ships, which is what we originally began the relationship with this firm regarding.

  4. and hey, Benjamin, I tweaked the layout of the blog ... better?

  5. Jonathan,

    sorry, I know this is completely pathetic--but ... don't remember what it was like before.

    If you are gonna ask me questions like that, you have to warn me.

    Hey, finals week approaches, and I therefore accept no responsibility for failing to notice anything not directly related to getting a 4.0

  6. Benjamin

    I refer you to this post, and this email you sent me:

    Jonathon, I actually hate the new format of your blog. But I think it might grow on me, kind of like the Ford Taurus grew on me (and everybody else) back in the day.

  7. so I commented on your blogs look back in ... november. can't remember what I hated.

    It looks okay now, if a bit ... grey (but grey is good, I keep telling myself, in spite of all my longing for black and white)

    My mother says she can't even look at my blog because she finds it too depressing. Not only (I suspect) does she find the subject matter and my commentary depressing (perhaps especially because it's more evidence that she raised a son to cancel her vote in national elections) (but she didn't say *anything* about the subject matter ... instead ...)

    No, it's two things that strike her first when she visits my blog

    1. It's *black*. Totally black. How depressing. (I kind of like black--makes me think of ... funerals) (hehe)

    2. Then the next thing she notices is that maddening little cost of the Iraq war dollar counter in the upper right, ticking away. How depressing--and *not* because of all that lovely money that she's not getting her hands on (although in a sense she is, I guess, as retired military wife), but rather because focusing on the money is such a depressing way to look at the iraq war. Why not focus on how much we've accomplished--bringing democracy and freedom to the beleagered iraqi people. Surely that's worth any amount of $.

    sorry to carry on.
    did I misspell "beleagered"?