23 November 2006

the new look (and other miscellaneous stuff) [update]

By the way, whadaya think of the new template I selected for this blog?
  • This is my first Thanksgiving in NY since 1991. Every year between then and now was either at sea, at my parents in South Hill, VA, or at my sister's in Stafford, VA. Was going to do the float inflation last night and the parade this morning, but I'm a wimp and the rain scared me (and also my colleagues with whom I was to share the event) off. Oh well. You don't get a good view anyhow, the good stuff happens at 34th street for the TV camera's, with the public safely kept away.
  • Today will be the second turkey of the month (the 3rd will be next Wednesday evening with my home bible study group at 710 WEA). The first was last Thursday, down at my sisters. Nancy is traveling today to Honduras for a short term medical missions trip, so we got together last week for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration. I asked her to invite a few people over, and she sent out a mass email, thinking not many would come, as it was a school night, short notice, etc. Well, just about everyone came, and we consumed a 20 lb. turkey, 10 lb of potatoes, 2 rutabagas, green beans, and delicious gravy. I made a stock with mirepoix and the organs and neck, and used that with a roux from the turkey fat and flour, and one of the kids present gave me two thumbs up.
  • The train ride to and from Albany is wonderful, hugging the Hudson river the whole way. I love traveling by train; it's very relaxing, comfortable, and conducive to reading, journaling, etc.
OK, off to my Turkey destination.


Turkey was good. Wine was great. Much fun had by all. Going to help paint Andrew and Alisha's apartment tomorrow, listening to 80's music and eating chicken wings from Blondies.

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