01 March 2007

fly in the ointment [update]

Seems that I'm not going to Scotland. I don't have the Tankerman Engineer DL endorsement, and that is a show stopper. Trying to sort it out. See how it unfolds.

Disappointing, but hopeful nonetheless.


The fellow at the USCG here in NY says that I can take a course, and it will be sufficient to renew the endorsement. So I have booked flights, and am headed down to Dania to take the class. Which is not being given at the Star Center, but rather at Maritime Professional Training, which is located in Fort Lauderdale. Then back to NYC, and on Monday the 12th, I go to the USCG and get the endorsement. Hopefully that will be satisfactory, and that this won't derail my opportunity with this company.

Nothing is ever easy.

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