28 February 2007

testing the "post via email" function

So they tell me that I can post to Blogger via email, and I thought I'd give it a whirl.  'cause once I'm at sea, this will probably be the only way to post.  Not sure what the email situation will be on the ship, hoping for the best.

Today was spent scanning some documents, verifying my info, correcting a clerical error concerning my passport (the new company had info that it was expired in 2002, when it was actually issued in 2002).  Of course, my scanner just would not work.  It was 6-7 years old anyway, so I decided to upgrade.

I bought this one, from B & H, which is an amazing and superbly managed store.  It's really slick,  works well, and is much faster than my old one (seconds vs. minutes).

Home group tonight.  Taxes tomorrow.  Thank God for Turbotax.  And hopefully some more details as to my trip to Glasgow, and following to the ship.

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