27 February 2007

I got the job [updated]

I just got a call from Tom (the guy at my Union heading up the LNG project) at 0545, he wanted to personally let me know that I was selected for the fourth slot. Ironically, it was my diesel experience that put me over the top, since I'll be joining a motor plant product carrier. The firm was happy with the other two candidates, and plans to use them at a later date.

So details should emerge today as to when I travel to Glasgow, and when I join a ship. But it's good news all around.

They tell me that I will join the Rainier Spirit. I fly to Glasgow Sunday 04MAR07. Developing ...


  1. sweet! don't forget to look up stephen and company when you're there...

  2. yes. for real. if you have time... he lives in perth, it's not too far away... email me if you need his info...