07 June 2005

registering to vote

Being a conscientious citizen (and an angry taxpayer) I decided to register to vote today, reminded of this administrative task by reports of today's NJ primary deciding who will represent the Republicans for election as governor.

I went here to download the form, which I printed out. It's a PDF scan of the voter registration form, of which the original has the address to which it needs to be mailed on the back of the form, but this scanned form does not. Nowhere could I find this address.

So I went to my local post office. Waited on line for over 10 minutes (I was third in line) and when it finally came to be my turn, I asked for the voter registration form. I was given a puzzled look, then informed that they only had them in Spanish and Chinese.

I don't speak Spanish or Chinese I explained.

I feel disenfranchised. Where's Jesse Jackson when you need him?