04 June 2005

I'm still bitter about the coffee incident

Talking with Judy last night at the Lamp Post reminded me of a dark chapter in my life.

I was speaking in church on the upcoming Sunday, and I was in my preparation mode. I had stopped for a coffee, then headed to my local public library to do a bit of study and research. I had just sat down and opened my notes when a sour faced woman came over to me, eyes scrunched and brow furrowed.

"You're not allowed to drink coffee in the library"

Excuse me?

"You're not allowed to drink coffee in the library. You're going to have to take that outside."

You know, I'm a taxpayer. My property taxes pay for this place.


The government confiscates my money, my hard earned money, at GUNPOINT, to support this place ...

"Excuse me ..."

And you're telling me I can't drink a cup of coffee in a place that I pay for?

"You're going to have to leave."

I looked over at the checkout desk, and one of the librarians over there was DRINKING COFFEE!

How come she can drink coffee and I can't? Don't we live in a classless society? Are some people more equal than others?

My tormentor motioned to another librarian for assistance.

Don't bother, I told her. I'm leaving.

And with that, I picked up my coffee cup, put it to my lips, and downed the entire thing.

And every year I vote No on the library budget. Me and 27 other disgruntled coffee drinkers.