07 June 2005


Imagine my distress when I stumbled across this story today. Two blocks from my domicile, my safe place, there were WOMEN BREAST FEEDING IN THE STREETS!
The protest, inspired by similar events organized by a growing group of unlikely activists nationwide in the last year, brought about 200 women to ABC's headquarters yesterday. They stood nursing their babies in the unmistakably public venue of Columbus Avenue and West 67th Street. They held signs reading, "Shame on View," and "Babies are born to be breastfed." Ms. Walters, who remarked a few weeks ago on the show that the sight of a woman breast-feeding on an airplane next to her had made her uncomfortable, said through a spokesman that "it was a particular circumstance and we are surprised that it warrants a protest."
And I missed the whole thing.

Gonna have to open a can of whoop ass on the doorman for not alerting me to this important event.