28 May 2005

Pre Employment Drug Screen

I had to take my pre-employment drug screen, benzene blood test, and pulmonary function test this past Wednesday, and the medical clinic to which I was sent just happened to be on the 9th floor of 8 Broad Street. 8 Broad Street is the corner of Broad and Wall Streets and just happens to be the New York Stock Exchange.

Due to security concerns, I was unable to take any photographs, but I brought Flat Stanley along with me, and he had to go through the security vetting just as I did.

security is tight at the NYSE Posted by Hello

I hate the pulmonary function test. You take a deep breath, and then a large diameter tube, about the diameter of a toilet paper roll core, is placed in your mouth, and you have to blow as long and hard as you can. 3 times this is done. Of course after the first itteration, your head is spinning as you try not to faint.

While on this adventure, I made a remarkable and wonderful discovery. I went to the East Village for lunch, and found that the Ukrainian East Village Restaurant is not closed, as it was the last two times I tried to eat there. They were undergoing renovations. Oh frabjous day, calloo, callay.