21 June 2005

back to work?

In the comments at LGF there was some discussion about the IFC protest, and people working, not being able to attend, and so forth. I was able to attend due to the fact that I have been a slack bastard for oh so many months, but ... there comes a time when you've got to feed the monkey.

And that time has come.

Got a call today, to join the M/V Ascension as First Assistant Engineer. And, slack bastard that I am, I will return to work. It's only a relief job, maybe 40, and no more than 55, days. Pay is adequate, though not great. But it'll take me out of the city during the heat, bring continuity to my health benefits for another 6 months or so, and be a pleasant diversion. I've never been to Ascension Island, another destination to hang on my travel belt.

So off I go on July 3rd.