20 June 2005

Take Back the Memorial

"Not Here, Not on Sacred Ground" Posted by Hello

At noon today, I attended the protest at Ground Zero organized by the Take Back the Memorial people, a conglomeration of various groups. Here are a few pics of the protest. There were about 200 or so people there, I'd say at least a third of them were press.

The presentation was sincere, but weak and not well presented. The speakers could hardly be heard. But hopefully the protest will at least provoke people to find out about the IFC and their plans for Ground Zero.

As the first speaker asked for a moment of silence to honor those who were taken, fire engines roared east on Liberty street, sirens wailing.

The main thrust of the organizers was that "the IFC is ideologically based" and an ideological museum doesn't belong to the 9-11 experience. Intermittent chants of "9-11 Memorial only" and "Take Back the Memorial" were sprinkled in between speakers. "Do you want to discuss world politics? Go to the UN" was one of the better sound bites.