21 May 2005

absurdity in the city

There was a story, last week, of a bomb scare at a street level subway grating. A woman had seen wires sticking out of the grating, and alerted the police. The bomb squad was called, the street cordoned off, and an investigation made. Turned out to be a video camera, placed by an alleged vouyer to film women in skirts walking over the grating.

Yesterday, for lunch, I decided to go to the Bread and Olive for some lamb. Took the B to 42nd street/Bryant Park, and upon exiting from the subway, saw a skirted woman standing on the steps to Bryant Park, one leg on the bottom step, one leg on the step above, with a man behind and to left of her, a mobile flip phone opened, and held directly under her nether regions. He then hands the phone to her, she previews the picture, then says to the man, "Thank you sooooo much!!!" and continues into the park.

One man's junk, another man's treasure.