03 March 2005


made some rutabaga bisque tonight, over at Franks. We had a business meeting to discuss things at The Lamp Post.

Sent in my application to the mortgage banker. Meeting with my attorney to review and sign the contract tomorrow (rather later today). Got an email from the seller:

Hi Jonathan.
As I'm sure you understand, it was quite difficult
telling folks that I had accepted an offer! One
person was quite angry, saying that he might have gone
up to my original asking price! Another also said he
was prepared to go a little higher than he had...
Then yesterday, someone called for the first time to
make a bid but I told her not to bother since I
already accepted an offer... I'm a novice at this and
feeling a little foolish, but hey, I'm good on my word
(I could never be a broker, thankfully).

Thank God for honorable people.