01 March 2005

butcher block

been scanning the net tonight, looking for the perfect butcher block for the new apartment. Counting my chicks before they're hatched? Not quite. No purchase to be made until I'm in the city. Have the thing delivered right to the building, rather than buy it now and have to move it myself.

They're nice, but heavy and expensive. I'd like to get a used one, one that has a bit of character. Maybe I'll find one local in NY.

But the renovations and adaptations of my new co-op are taking place in my mind. Of course, I still have to sign contracts, get financing, and get board approval, but hopefully all of those things will fall into place.

I'm going to need to get back to work at some point as well. I'm actually looking forward to working again. It was so good to be back at sea in December, running things in the engine room. It is a job that I was designed for. Time away from home is too much, but when I am home, I like the flexibility and freedom to come and go as I please.

I'm very much looking forward to wandering around NYC, with my journal and all the time in the world.