06 January 2012

"The Fat Trap" via the NY Times vs. Gary Taubes

I saw The Fat Trap online the other day, and found it an interesting read, especially considering some of my reading in the past few weeks:  Good Calories, Bad Calories; Why We get Fat; and Wheat Belly.

Today I came across this reply by Gary Taubes to the NY Times Magazine piece.

Taubes articulation of the effect of carbohydrates, specifically grains like bread and pasta, matches my experience (of around 65 lbs. lost over the past few years) and how, when I eat protein and veggies, as much as I like, I don't eat too much and am not hungry.


and now I see that Instapundit came across the same thing

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  1. that meal tom and you and i had in greenwich village was one of the best i have ever had! i think food is very joyful!