09 November 2011

a hotel in Korea

it's 0632 and I've been up for a couple of hours ... jet lag, et. al. ... and not so long from now I will meet up with 6 colleagues in the hotel lobby, head to immigration, then to the ship to start another contract.  Same ship as last time, many of the same colleagues, same ogida, same pretty much everything.

Disappointing news:  the agent got to the back of the van (the agent who ferried me from one airport to another in Seoul) and grabbed my bag with my laptop, but dropped it, and now about one inch on the right side of my MacBook is gone.  Very frustrating.

I was home for less than two months, but there is a method to my madness.  You see, my building was finally able to obtain the Certificate of No Harassment, and renovations are in the process of beginning.  Just squaring away the paperwork with my building's management.

I am headed back to sea for two reasons:
1)  renovations are expensive, and I need to earn
2)  renovations are messy and noisy, and I need to sleep

So the theory is, when I return mid February to NYC, the renovation will be more or less finished (will need to pick out and install lighting, stuff like that) and I can finally enjoy some square footage in NYC.


  1. My best wishes on the success of your madness.

  2. HURRAH! HURRAH! HURRAH! Such good news Jonathan!!!!