14 July 2010

The Prisoner

2008 Orin Swift Cellars The Prisoner by Orin Swift Cellars (Zinfandel Red Wine)

I'm drinking this right now at a place called Tapastree.  My last supper in Vancouver, if you exclude the airport tomorrow.

Grenouilles in Coconut cream.


  1. wow, home to ny ny tomorrow!!!
    i am enjoying a glass of coopers' stout, an aussie brew, which i've also got coooking with some port and steak in the slow cooker. mmmmmmmmmmm. happy homecoming Jonathan!!!!!!! and you are welcome here in the land of oz! bens is going to be flying into albany ny august 14th for a week for a conferencey thing, perhaps the 2 of you could catch up! it was so fun seeing you in seattle.

  2. should be able to work something out. Have him contact me.

    at the airport ... free wifi at YVR! Canadians are so civilized.