16 July 2010

Airport pickup semi FAIL

The nephew ... ink still wet on his driver's license, scheduled to pick me up at Reagan National.  The plane lands and I text him:

JC:   just landed
DF:  OK im at home waiting for a key to the car should be leaving soon
JC:   WTF?
DF:  On my way now
JC:   got my bags

This was the email I sent him from Toronto:
I'm in Toronto, flight is on time. I cleared Customs here, so I just have to pick up my bags and I'll be our right away. Figure by 10:15 am or so.

Air Canada is the airline. Terminal A at Ronald Reagan National. My phone is 917-XXX-XXXX. Send me a text when you're on your way, so when I land your number will be waiting for my phone.

see you soon.

Had my bags at 1010.  Tired.  Little sleep on the flight.  Restless passenger next to me.

He claims "Dad" took the only key with him to work.

I say, what's more important than picking up your uncle?

need a nap.  Maybe things will look brighter later.

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