11 November 2009


My KitchenAid mixer failed.  No, that's not the FAIL.  It has a fiber gear that is designed to fail, to protect the rest of the machine.  And that gear failed.  I disassembled the damn thing, found the stripped gear, googled it, and found a replacement part.  Bought it on Amazon, but it was an Amazon partner that actually shipped the new gear.  Using FedEx Smart Post.

FedEx Smart Post is supposed work like this:  FedEx picks up the package, ships it close to the final destination, whatever hub that may be, then hands off to the USPS (that's the United States Postal Service aka Cliff Clifford) who makes the final leg of the journey.

I was tracking my package on the internet, with a projected delivery date of 05NOV09.  Went on 06NOV09 to my mailbox, which I rent at the local UPS Store, but no package.  Checked again, now scheduled for delivery 07NOV09.  Went on 09NOV09, but still no package.  Went back home, and found that there was a "delivery exception" which stated that Cliffy tried to deliver the package on Saturday morning at 0741 but the store wasn't yet open.  Check with your local Post Office as to pick up the package or schedule redelivery.

Went to my local PO on Columbus and 68th.  Waiting in line.  A guy is migrating through the line, answering questions.  I show him my FedEx printout.  He's bewildered.  I say to him, "I've been in this line for 15 minutes.  I want to make sure I'm in the right line.  Am I?"  He had no idea.  Back and forth, several times.  Many "calm down" 's.  I tell him, "I am calm.  If you can't answer my question, do you know if anyone here can?"  He eventually tells me to go downstairs.

I head downstairs.  Wait a long time.  Finally ring the bell.  Hear chatter in the back. After 5 minutes more, someone finally comes out to the counter.  She has no idea.  Never heard of FedEx Smart Post.  Goes back to check.  Meanwhile more people come to the counter.  No one to help them.  They get impatient.  Ring the bell.  Repeatedly.  Finally someone else comes to help.  But not very helpful.

I say to the guy, "Frustrating, huh?"
"You know" I say, "these same people will be running our health care"
His eyes narrow.
"Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about" I continue.  I look straight at him.  "You voted for them, didn't you.  Yeah, you're a democrat.  Yeah!"
He didn't like that one bit.

Lady comes back.  No news on my package.

I go home, call FedEx, they say, "check with the Post office"

I call the Post office, try to schedule a redelivery.  They say yes, sure, blah blah blah.

Go to my UPS Store.  No slip in my box.  I ask.  They go in back, find the package.  Why no slip?  Don't know.  Check the internet again, USPS says they delivered 09NOV09 at 1406.  I checked my mail at 1430.

UPS Store:  FAIL
Amazon:  FAIL by association

I'm blaming pretty much everyone but me.  That's my right.  The customer is always right.


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  2. FedEX: FAIL
    UPS Store: FAIL
    Amazon: FAIL by association

    3 businesses, 1 government agency

    not much to choose between 'em when you give an example like thise

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  4. You should have called me, I work at FedEx. I "have people"!!! Miss you!