21 September 2009


I thought that I had conquered my jet lag, but being wide awake at 0300 this morning leads me to believe that I have more work to do. At any rate, it allowed me to prep my no knead bread, now in the oven, for its second rise. Trying some modifications on the standard recipe: added a handful of barley, a shot of bourbon, some poppy seeds, one third whole wheat flour ... confidence is high.

I head out to LI today to sign the contract on the sale of my house. Yes, a buyer has been found. I've got two slabs of oak veneer plywood that I need to turn into bookshelves before I lose access to my garage, so that will happen in the next few days.

Good to be off the ship. A very tiring contract. Lots of work. But now it's time to rest, to renovate, to cook, to have some decent conversations, to drink some good wine. Life is good.


  1. Good to hear that you are back home amigo. Talk to you soon!

  2. good news that is, about the house on LI. i am reading a book set partially on long island - 'widow for one year' by john irving.

  3. John Irving is one of my favorite authors. Especially Garp, Prayer for Owen Meany, and The Cider House Rules.