26 July 2009


I'm at the Hilton Fujairah, with my MacBook and a mug of Warsteiner, surfing away, but the connection is slow and for some reason I can't access my gmail, the main purpose of going ashore. It's hot, been at anchor for a week and taking an asswhipping. Cleaned the main condenser, some other jobs, fighting the heat ... shift to Qatar soon for a load to Belgium. Halfway done with my contract, and am already weary ... more weary than at this point in the past. Anyhow, I'll hang in there and get 'er done. Back to NYC in September.

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  1. it's hot here in seattle ...
    104, our all-time record!!
    we leave the shores of your fair land (of which i am now a citizen, go obama!) dec 2nd...
    you're welcome to pop over and visit us in seattle, or, in melbourne australia!!!!!