10 March 2009


It was fog, in Dubai, that started the chain which brought me last night to northern Virginia. I was to fly from Dubai to Doha to JFK, but missed my connection in Doha due to over an hours delay from fog. It doesn't rain in the UAE, it just fogs every morning. So upon arriving at Doha, I was put instead on a flight to Washington DC, and given a piece of paper with details (and very few at that) of a connecting flight to NYC. I finally arrived in DC, and after collecting my bags and navigating through customs, I went to the United check in counter. I wouldn't be home until nearly midnight. Decided instead to take a taxi to my sister's house in Stafford, and catch the Bolt Bus to NYC on Wednesday morning. Visit the family, and avoid having to take my shoes and belt off yet once again for a security screening. Seems that no one in the Middle East has ever seen an iMac, which caused delays and tension at the gate. Anyhow good to back stateside.

The apartment next to mine is for sale, and I'm going to investigate buying it and combining mine with it. That would be awesome.

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  1. Welcome home Jonathan!
    All the best with buying the apartment next door! When we went to the playground near your place at Central Park, that was the hot conversation topic - people buying a second apartment next door and tearing down the walls. So you're right in vogue!