04 January 2009


Got ashore on Saturday, primarily to use the internet. There are a lot of ships
at anchor here. At night, as you look to the horizon, it looks like a city,
with all the lights. How do all these ships stay in business?

The internet connection was very slow. Read the comments to some previous
posts, but couldn't respond as the connection locked up, and then my hour was

Laurel: I'm 150 pages into W & P, haven't picked up Emerson yet. I finished
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time, How novels work, The Taste of
Conquest, Angela's Ashes, and have also got Hitchen's Book on Tom Paine going
right now.

Megs: Being on duty is sort of like being a Mom, except there's no breast
feeding involved.

Ben: Couple more weeks until the world is rescued and the lightworker takes
over. Enjoy. But what will you blog about now?

We're at anchor till early Feb, when we load Qatar for Belgium. Will be good to
be moving, I'm much happier on a moving, busy ship, than one in limbo.

You can reach me onboard at a2 DOT areesh AT ships DOT teekay DOT com until mid
march or thereabouts.

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