12 December 2008

early morning rolling

I woke at around 3 am and noticed the soft rolling, but mostly I awoke because I
had had my fill of sleep. Long transit out of Belgium, long hours in the
engineroom, but a day or two now of normalcy before we stop at Gibraltar for
bunkers, then continue on to the Suez.

Some old faces, some new. Junior engineers from Nigeria and Latvia. Senior
engineering colleagues from Croatia. On the deck side, an Indian, a couple of
Russians, Filipino, a Scot, and one or two I haven't met yet. Crew, of course,
is Filipino.

iMac is a big hit. Guys like the big screen, and the pictures on my
screensaver. Wine situation onboard is grim: two french reds (mediocre), a 5
litre cask of Peter Vela Red (California, marginal at best), a 4 litre cask of
Australian red (which has a little note on the side of the box that there may be
fish byproducts in the wine). C/E was the only one buying wine, and now that
I'm here, and he goes home in a week, that mantle shall be passed to me. Will
survive, and it makes me appreciate my grape intake before I left all the more.

I'm off for coffee and to start my day, yes even at this early hour.

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