13 December 2008

conversations overheard

"This rolling, it is really terrible. You can do nothing."

"Third mates, both of them. Crying. Captain, I don't know if I can work any
more, I can't sleep in this rolling. What? Who will work for you?"

"If you can't sleep in your room, you can just as easily not sleep on the

"It is like the gypsy's. You know why the gypsy cries when the sun is shining?
Tomorrow it may rain, and me with no roof."

"You still have gypsy's in Latvia?"
"No. Yes. It's not the same."
"You mean they have GPS's on their horse buggies and talk on their iPhones while
they shit in the streets?"
"Yes. It is like that."

"Where is the Mate? Who is watching his tanks?"
"He can sleep in this rolling. That's why we call him 'Ghost' "
"Yes. Whenever you look for him, he disappears."

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