15 November 2008

the mac migration, two months in

Getting acclimated. The mac is fine, but I'm not an iEvangelist. I miss Winamp. I had optimized Winamp and my music library, and iTunes doesn't recognize all of my songs, has lots of duplicates, etc. It's going to take some hours to sort all that out. Saving that task for the ship.

Otherwise, MacMail is fine, Firefox is the same, OpenOffice.org is better (though that is probably due to having version 3.0 instead of 2.x running). Picasa was better than iPhoto, and I miss Irfanview. And I somehow feel naked without AVG running, and Spybot, and Adaware, et. al.

Handbrake is great. I've ripped all my movies to my harddrive, which is great for the ship (and my colleagues).

My iLugger bag is great, allowing me to treat my iMac like a giant laptop. My mighty mouse seems to be burning through batteries like crazy.

I'm now ripping music that seems to have disappeared from my library. And avoiding the crowded restaurants on a rainy Saturday night. Prefer to go out during the week, less crowded, no B&T people.

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