29 September 2008

Vulcano Basilicata 2003 Indicazione Geografica Tipica

I bought a fish and some Chinese broccoli today in Chinatown while having an amazing bowl of seafood noodle soup at 103 E.B. Rest, Inc. So I steamed the fish and the veggies, with a bit of lemon and some Hoisin sauce, and it was pretty good. So I thumbed through my selection of wine, looking for something reasonably light, and opened this bottle.

Great choice. Not so full bodied, but fairly complex. And it gets better as you drink it.

Good with fish (if you're a diehard red drinker like me), also good I imagine with pork (though light pork, like chops or cutlets, not something braised like shank or shoulder).

Here's the vineyard, though their website seems to be down.

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