26 September 2008

Hand Brake


In my migration to the Mac, this is proving to be one of my favorite apps.  I'm systematically working through my DVD collection and ripping them so as to be able to take them to sea with me with a very small footprint.  I brought 26 DVD's with me this past contract, and it was an oasis of entertainment in a desert of asininity that I call "a ship."  But those 26 DVD's were additional freight.  I try to travel light, as everything I bring I have to carry (that sounds stupid, but it's not ... sometimes the ship is a long way's from the van that drops you off)

Anyhow, this program is nearly effortless.  I put the DVD in, chose the source, and hit play, and wham, it rips the DVD.  It takes about 2 hours per, but I can pop one in and head out to Chinatown looking for seafood noodle soup, knowing that my trusty Mac is doing business while I'm sampling soup.

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