01 August 2007


There was a waiting area, a large area, as the flight had probably 400 some odd people on it, that was pretty well full when the man collapsed. I was connecting from Oslo, on my way to JFK, and I heard ... I'm not sure how to describe it, it was more the reaction of the crowd around him that I heard. A man fell to the floor, and a young woman (daughter?) cried out, "Oh my God .... oh my God ... Ohhhh" and the crowd collectively "ahhhhh'd."

Everyones attention was drawn to the scene. The woman was becoming frantic. She called out, "Water, he needs water, DOES ANYONE HAVE SOME WATER ...." The guy sitting next to me looked at the bottled water in his hands, looked at me, and quickly stuffed it in his backpack.

"Somebody call 911" was anonymously called out. "What's 911 in German?" another voice answered. Then rapid fire, the suggestions started coming:

"Have him sit up!"
"No, keep him lying down!"
"Elevate his feet!"
"No, leave his feet down!"
"Give him water!"
"No, give him juice!"
"Give him air!"
"Give him room!"

We were past the time where we should have begun boarding. A lady behind me chimes in, "He's obviously not going on this flight. Put him to the side and lets get going here. We don't have all day" I assume NYC was her final destination. I doubt she was connecting to Minneapolis.

A family's life turned upside down, and I was delayed 45 minutes. Life's lottery.


  1. don't know. The buzz was that he had a stroke. Eventually paramedics arrived and we began boarding.

    BTW Megs, Cosette started out OK, but Jean Valjean spoiled her, and by the time she got married to what's his name (another loser) she was annoying. Nothing to do with your Cosette, though.