20 July 2007


There are some words, the articulation of which, gives me pleasure.

Chipotle is such a word. Reconnoiter is another.

But today I was mesmerized by incineration, incinerated, incinerating ...
pretty much anything to do with total annihilation by means of fire, with
extreme prejudice.

Just to give you a picture of my mental state after four months on this vessel.

Another bit of evidence that I'm losing it? I watched Lindsey Lohan in "Herbie
Fully Loaded" the other night ... and liked it! "Mean Girls" was OK too. It's
really time to go home. Let's get a cargo and get a move on to a load port.

1 comment:

  1. I knew you liked Chipotle. Do you say these words a thousand times and irritate everyone on the vessel? What does reconnoiter mean? I remember mom saying that. I could look it up but would rather here it from you. Lindsay Lohan-oh my God I am checking you into bedford sty when you get home. Your adoring sister, NTM