08 May 2006

License [updated]

Got my renewed license today. Only a week for the Security check, not too bad. Now I can think about heading back to work.

Got a call from Bill Mann today, my former C/E, who said he got a call offering him a job as C/E on a steam ship, a job that he is unable to take. So I called Sealift, and am awaiting a return call. See what happens.


he never called me back, I called him for three days straight. So I am assuming that the job was filled by someone else. But the simple courtesy of telling me this? Pineapple. When he needs me, though, he'll be ringing my phone off the hook. Too bad. Maersk called on Tuesday, offered me a job (to fly out on Wednesday -- too soon, I've got obligations already scheduled throughout May) so Sealift, you may have missed your window of opportunity.Posted by Picasa