12 May 2006

Chief Engineer on the Maersk Alaska [update]

Got a call this afternoon from one of the VP's at Maersk. Seems they're in a bind. Need to send a C/E from the Alaska to another ship, and the other Alaska C/E is in the Phillipines. So I was asked to fill in for 1-2 weeks as C/E.

Good opportunity. Kind of like an audition. And puts me in a better position when a permanent C/E's position becomes available.

Too bad, Sealift. Missed your window.


It's always crazy packing, trying to anticipate everything that will happen while I am away. And this time Aaron, my colleague from college, who handles my mail, is going to Kuwait on Active Service for a year, so I don't even have someone yet set up to receive my mail. I'm going to wing it for now, and hope that the 1-2 weeks doesn't turn into months.

Happily, as I will be joining the ship in Norfolk, I will get one last evening to hang with Aaron before he goes to Kuwait.

Anyhow, getting ready to sell pork tomorrow too. I'm ordering a 6 lb shoulder butt, to deliver to Bernhard, who's Mom is visiting from Germany, and will prepare this hunk of meat German style. Flying Pig pork a la Deutsch. And I picked up some nice wine today to accompany our meal. And I even have a date. For the dinner. Told Maersk that I wasn't available to fly out until early Monday morning.

whoohoo! Pork and wine and women.