26 December 2005

the gravity bong

I'm here in Dubai, on the Maersk Arizona. Went out with a few of the boys the other night, and Shane, the dayman AB said to me,

"First, have you ever used a gravity bong?"

"Can't say that I have." I replied. "What is it?"

"Well, you take a 2 litre bottle of coke, and a 3 litre bottle of coke. Now those 3 litre bottles are hard to come by, but don't let that discourage you. You can use a milk jug or something. Cut the top off the 3 litre bottle and fill it with water.

"Now poke some holes in the 2 litre bottle, in the bottom, and sink that baby into the 3 litre bottle so it fills with water. Then you cut a hole in the cap and put some screen in there, you know, from a screen door or something. You can use aluminum foil, with some holes poked in it, but I don't, I think it gives a bad taste or something.

"OK, so now you put a little hash on the screen and light it, and slowly raise the two litre bottle. As you're raising it, the water will drain out, you know, by gravity ... hence the 'gravity bong' ... and the smoke from the hash will go into the bottle and swirl around ...."

At this point, Shane kind of glazed over, reliving some past memory. "OK, are you with me now, First?"

"I'm with you"

"OK, now that smoke is swirling around in that bottle, and it's cooling off, you know, due to the water. It's not touching the water, but the water is cooling that 2 litre bottle. So the smoke is in there, and you let it cool for a few minutes ... OK, well, maybe not a few minutes, but for as long as you can resist. Then you take the cap off, and drop the bottle back in the water and whoooosh suck it all in. One hit, and if
you've been shipping for a few months, you know, your tolerance ..."

"Like a virgin again?"

"Exactly. Like a virgin again. It'll stone you with one hit. It'll make good pot better and bad pot good."

"The gravity bong?"

"The gravity bong. That's right, First."