27 November 2005

more stuff than boxes in which to put it

and he had lots of boxes.

A 4th floor walkup to a 5th floor walkup. If Dante were writing today, that might be the 7th level of hell. More stuff than the new place could fit. More stuff than any one man could need ... or even use. My legs are still weary.

But he took us all to the Saigon Grill for supper, a nice conclusion to the day. One of the best managed restaurants in the world, they seat, serve and satisfy huge crowds with excellent food at excellent prices. Table for 40? No problem, even without reservations. Of course, we had just 7 last night, but that's besides the point. An amazing operation.

The new apartment is pretty nice. A loft area above the kitchen/bathroom, with a spiral stair to access it, which leads out to a rooftop deck. Brick walls in the stairwell, hardwood floors, a separate bedroom in adition to the loft area. Looking forward to grilling and sharing some good wine on the roof next summer.