10 September 2005

Briefly in NY

Finally home after the M/V Ascension debacle. I put some money in my pocket and my health benefits are online for another 6 months, but other than that there were no redeeming features to my 2+ months on that evil ship.

I will be joining the Logos II for a brief stint to sail her to the Caribbean. Bought my plane ticket tonight to Amsterdam. Travelocity offered a one way for almost $2K. A round trip for almost $900. Found a one way on Orbitz for $369.

Beautiful day in NY today. Spent some time in Central Park finishing Theodore Rex, an excellent book. But I found myself not warming up to Teddy. He was a big government advocate. Guess he was better than the Democrat who ran against him, but I wasn't comfortable with his Railroad rate regulations and his trust busting.

anyhow, it's late, and I'm off to bed.