16 April 2005

new computer

I'm wireless here at Panera bread. Wanted to get out of the house, but needed to do some study, so here I am. I still haven't been able to get the DSL connection at home to work with the new laptop, so while at home I use the old laptop, and on the road the new.

My Toshiba is about 3-1/2 years old, and it still does pretty well. This new Dell boots up much faster, but performance while surfing/studying/etc. isn't as improved as I thought that it would be. My conclusion is not that my Dell is a wimp, but rather that my Toshiba was exceptional for its time.

Since I expect to move to my NYC apartment within a weeks time or so, I'm just letting the DSL connection problem lie dormant.

One block from my apartment, at 70th and Broadway, is Cafe Mozart, which has free WiFi. I went there years ago with Ruth. Last fall, Mauricio was staying with me for 2 weeks, and I lent him a Denim jacket I hadn't worn in years. In the pocket was a book of matches from Cafe Mozart. The circle is complete.