22 April 2005

cleaning and packing

On Monday, I bought and assembled a vinyl shed, for my tenant, to get her stuff out of the garage. Tuesday I started, and I'm continuing the cleanup of the garage. It's amazing how much stuff I have accumulated over the years. Things that I thought were important 12 years ago now seem like so much junk.

I have been ruthless in packing, tossing anything that even remotely looks as if it should be tossed. Saving mostly books and sentimental stuff. I still have just about every personal letter I have received since high school.

My truck is at the shop, getting front brakes and an inspection. My old mechanic sold his business, and his replacement was a loser, so I decided to risk it on a new place, within walking distance of my abode here in Centereach. Of course, it's now starting to rain, so the pickup won't be as easy as the drop off.

Coffee house tonight. And I'm preaching on Sunday. What I had planned to preach, what I wanted to preach, what I researched to preach ... it's not the message for Sunday. I just had no peace about delivering it.

Instead, I'm going to speak on Gal 6.1-5, and what it means to bear one anothers burdens.