29 March 2005

board application package

Received word yesterday that the appraisal came back at $316,000 and that all of the outstanding questions that the loan underwriter had have been satisfied. I am compiling my board package and hope to review it with my attorney today, and submit it tomorrow.

It shouldn't be long now.

update: it was a grueling and long day compiling this stupid application package. Endless reams of paper, organizing, calculating, etc. Made sure the presentation was nice, in binders with tabbed sections for ease of review.

Talked with "Mindy" the managing agents rep. Going to make the handoff to her tomorrow. She was "curt" with me. Said that the board is meeting this week, but it's too late to submit my application to them for this meeting. Johanna says they meet twice a month, so I'm projecting mid April for the interview, and the closing a week after that. Wait and see.

double top secret update: package delivered. It has begun.